Deutsch francais english Floor stand with treadles for table loom 70 cm
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Put together the legs, both left and right
pay attention to the corresponding numbers.
Fasten the bolts
Fasten the left side (with 4 bolts)
and the connecting bar behind.
Turn around and fasten the right side.
Pay attention: the mechanics has a front and a back.
When the lamms are fully pulled down, the rear shafts will lifted higher then the front shafts.
The pedals must be fixed in front. The front legs are provided with a hole into which fits
the axis of the pedals.
Place the loom on the stand.
Every leg of the stand has a hook which fits
around the loom.
Then you can place the castle with the harnesses.
Every harness fits an aluminium profile.
Make the loops for the tie-up.
Turn the rope around the knot board and cut
in equal parts using the groove.
Hook a rope round the nail and make a knot
on the other side of the board.
Do the tie-up of the shafts.
Tie a loop around a lamm and connect the loop with the treadle by inserting a hook through the eyebolts
and loops. Fixe the hook by pushing it into the groove behind the pedal.