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The table loom with 4 to 16 harnesses, can be provided with a stand with treadles, for controlling up to 8 harnesses.
The common table loom from Meta fits on top of the stand. You can fix the loom 4 small hooks.
The breastbeam of the loom is then at 90 cm, so you need a high stool or bench.
The stand has 12 treadles with which you can control 8 harnesses in front. A loom with 12 or 16 harnesses can also benefit the stand. It is always possible to pull up the harnesses with the levers.

How to use the treadle stand?

table loom with treadles treadles
controlling treadles

The mechanism consists of 12 treadles and 8 lams which move up and down horizontally. When a lam is pulled down, the corresponding harness goes up through a system of levers.
The mechanism ensures a very clear shed, the harnesses at the back rises higher than those on front, so in front of the reed the rising warp threads are in the same plane.
The tie-up of the treadles is very simple. It consists of a number of identical loops of nylon rope. You do the ropes with an extra loop around the lam. On the treadle is a metal pin that you insert through the bottom of the loops.
You can control one or more harnesses with one treadle.

Table loom 70 cm, including cross sticks, 2 metal warp rods and cords to tie them

Prices in Euro bare woodvarnished
Table loom with 8 harnesses 835.00 965.00
Stand with 12 treaddles 600.00 720.00
Both table loom and stand


Table loom 8 harnesses with treadle stand, 400 Texsolv heddles, stainless reed no 4, bare wood 1544.00
Table loom 12 harnesses with treadle stand, 600 Texsolv heddles, stainless reeds no 4 en no 6, shelf, raddle, boat shuttle with paper quills, bobbin winder, bench, varnished 2360.00