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The loom has a frame with the clothbeam and a frame with the warp beam.
We start with the first: place all the pieces of the front frame in place. On the right the side with large through holes, on the left
the other side. There are 4 crossbars, 2 of which have rounded longitudinal edges, which are the breast beam and back beam.
The 2 angular bars will connect both sides. Screw the rear bar to both sides with Allen screws 6 x 70 mm.
Similarly fasten the connecting bar in front with bolts.
Make sure it fits into the notch on the inside.
Fasten the breast beam on both sides.
Unscrew the little bolt from the cloth beam.
Put the beam on place through the left side to the right.
Screw the little bolt into the cloth beam, to hold
the beam on its place.
Fix the beater with 4 Allen screws on the bearing
blocks left and right.
Do not fully tighten the 4 bolts at first, take care that the
beater is parallel to the breast beam before tighten the bolts.
After the frame with clothbeam is mounted,
we mount the frame with warpbeam.
Screw the backbeam to both sides with Allen screws 6 x 70 mm.
Put the warp beam on place through the left side to the right
and screw the little bolt into the warp beam.
A second warp beam is possible, you can fix it
with 4 bolts in front of the normal warp beam.
Slide the back frame into the front frame.
Put the castle with harnesses in place.
Fix on each side with 2 wingnuts.
A castle with 8 or 12 harnesses can be shift a little forward or
While weaving, the warp beam should be fixed more backwards.
You can put the loom on a table or you can buy a stand.
Mount the stand with 4 Allen bolts 6 x 70, note: there is a long and a short crossbar.
Open the stand and place the frame of the loom on it.
The hooks come around the crossbars of the frame.
Tighten the wing nuts (lift the stand slightly meanwhile, so the hooks fit properly).
Then place the castle with harnesses and tighten it.
How to put the heddles on a harness: slide the wooden shelf upward.
Pull off a harness, pull off the wooden slat and the loop of the rope.
Slide a bundle of heddles on the harness, remove the plastic bindings, slide the rope and slat back in place.
Make sure that the harness doesn't clamp. Optionally knock a little on the slat.
How to attach the harnesses with levers. The first harness in front must be attached with the left lever.
Pull the loop of the rope trough the first hole on the left, then pull it from left to right trough the lever on turn
the loop around the lever. With the odd levers, pull the rope from left to right, with the even from right to left.
How to fix the metal warp rods with warp beam and cloth beam.
For each beam, there are 5 loops.
It is also possible to put the rod directly into the groove of the warp beam or cloth beam.
Optionally there is a shelf that can be placed
between castle and crossbar.
On the loom with 24 harnesses, the harnesses
are assembled with little screws.