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  Jan Van den Bossche   Borgerhout, Belgium     +32 (0)468 356 153
  Matsen Jorritsma   Kalmthout, Belgium     +32 (0)468 245 598
  Ibrich Jorritsma, webshop    Arnhem, The Netherlands

Spillemansstraat 8   2140 Borgerhout (Antwerp) Belguim
phone +32 (0)3 271 06 36
The shop in Borgerhout is closed from 02-11-2022 to 05-11-2022.

Since 1978 I make handweaving looms, parts and accessories for looms and spinning wheels in my workshop.

Most wooden parts are made of beech, a strong European hardwood. Bigger Looms are partial made of pine. Most metal parts are made of zincked steel or stainless steel.

In my showroom I also sell material for warp and weft: yarn of wool, cotton and linen. When you want to come to my showroom, please contact me before.

You can also order by mail.
Items can be sent by mail or by parcel service.
Target price: in Belgium 4.00 to 10.00 € for small packages, 23.00 € for packages up to 30 kg.
To France: 8.00 to 12.00 € for small packages, 19.00 € for packages up to 1 kg and max 60 cm,
40.00 € for packages up to 30 kg.
To Italy or Spain: 8.00 to 12.00 € for small packages, 19.00 € for packages up to 1 kg and max 60 cm,
70.00 € for packages up to 30 kg.

This is a short overvew of what you can find on this website


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Pricelist      tablets for tabletweaving, rigidheddle (belt reed), tapestry frame, looms, table loom 40 cm 8 or 12 harnesses, collapsible loom 70 cm 4 harnesses, tapestry loom 100cm or 150 cm , bench 50 cm, 70 cm, 80 cm or 120 cm
Weaving frame     weaving frame 50 cm (or 70 cm) weaving width
Little loom 'junior'     loom 30 cm 4 harness
Table loom     table loom 70 cm 4, 8, 12 or 16 harnesses, second warpbeam , floorstand
Dobby     16 shaft mechanical dobby with 32 program bars (to use with the table loom of 70 cm)
Treadling stand     floorstand with 12 treadles for table loom 8 harnesses

Weaving accessories

Shuttles     flat shuttle, double ski shuttle, boat shuttle, fly shuttle, bobbin winder, pattern rod, tapestry bobbin, temple
Reeds and heddles     reeds, heddles, reed hook, heddle hook, tapestry fork
Warping equipment     raddles, warping frame, warping mill, paddle, spool rack, spool of wood
Parts     cross sticks, metal rods, ratched-wheels stainless, ratched-wheels of zincked steel, ratched, ratched wheels of wood, extension springs
Cord     flax cord, nylon cord, Texsolv cord

Spinning wheels

Spinning wheels     spinning wheel Louët, bobbin, skein winder, drive belt PU, drop spindle, umbrella swift, ballwinder, raw wool, flax, ramie, silk
Carders     handcards, drumcarders Louët
Wool, hair, vegetable fibers     wool washed, carded and combed, camel hair, flax, ramie tow and bourette side

Weaving yarns

Weaving yarn     cottoline unbleached or dyed, fishnet yarn unbleached or dyed, wool for tapestry, fine wool, lambs wool, Shetland wool, cotton, linen
cottoline unbleached or dyed     colors, numbers, names
chenille     colors, numbers, names
metallized yarn     colors, numbers, names